Peyton Manning's Jersey Banned in Some Colo. Schools

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    Numbers 13, 14, 18, 31, 41 and 81 are banned because of their gang relation

    (NECN/KUSA: Anastasiya Bolton) - Denver Broncos Peyton Manning jersey is banned in some Colorado schools.

    Weld County school officials are fans.

    "And our thing is wear those jerseys after school, wear those jerseys on the weekend especially on bronco Sunday... Wear them... We will be, too.”

    It's just in Weld County schools, the number the popular new Denver Bronco received is gang related and can't be worn.

    According to the school policy, 13, 14, 18, 31, 41 and 81 are banned, not only on jerseys but on belt buckles, too.

    "We also are really trying to eliminate or minimize the presence of gangs in our schools.

    There are gangs in the community, but we take a very aggressive stance in keeping that activity and that behavior off of school grounds. So part of that is banning some of the colors, numbers and other insignia that are closely identified with gangs. That if a student wore those into school it can be used to raise awareness of gangs, create intimidation, confrontations and we just don't want that in our schools."

    Rules apply to all schools, elementary through high school, because as Greeley Police say, gangs in this town are generational so age does not really matter.

    "It's not uncommon at times to find children wrapped in red bandanas shortly after birth with mom and they're raised like that through life."

    Greeley PD says the gang issue here is no worse than any other similar size city, and just like anywhere, the wrong person caught wearing the wrong thing can get hurt.

    "Misperceptions of someone's membership and assaults that occur from that do occur. People aren't certain if someone walking by in a blue number 18 jersey might be a member of 18th street. Confrontations occur frequently where they misperceive the individual as a gang member when in reality they're just a student out on lunch."

    So the Weld County school district says support your player all you want, just not in school.