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Wandering Turkey Causes Stir at University of Michigan



    (Published Friday, July 31, 2015)

    A wandering turkey is causing a stir at the University of Michigan.

    The Ann Arbor News reports that a turkey has captured the attention of university students and staff as it roams wooded areas, chases passers-by and gets in the way of bus traffic. It's also showing up on social media in people's selfies. It also has its own Twitter account.

    The school's deputy police chief Melissa Overton says: "He hasn't hurt anybody, but he's a very aggressive bird," as well as a traffic hazard.

    Police say they started getting calls about the bird in late June. A second turkey that had been living on North Campus was fatally struck by a car.

    Rachel Hoffman, who graduated from the university in 1999 and was visiting the campus, said the bird walked into the middle of a parking lot and refused to move, even when cars were pulling in. People were forced to drive around it.

    Overton says plans call for capturing the turkey so it can be relocated. She warns people not to approach the bird and to instead call police.


    Almost missed the bus because I was trying to take a selfie with the North Campus turkey.

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