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Carbon Monoxide, Ceiling Concerns in Brockton, Mass.



    The Blizzard of 2013 continues to haunt many cities and towns (Published Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014)

    (NECN: Alysha Palumbo, Brockton, Mass.) - Two-year-old Tommy and seven-year-old Jordyn Foster are happy to be home, after the siblings, their mother, grandmother and a neighbor’s brother were all rushed to the hospital Monday afternoon with carbon monoxide poisoning.

    Jordyn said, “It was kind of scary, I had a needle in my arm, right here.”

    Jordyn’s grandmother Sue says she doesn’t know how their Brockton apartment became so filled with dangerous levels of the odorless, tasteless poison.

    Sue said, “I had been cooking in the morning, shut it off and then pre-heated it for supper and all the sudden I hear ‘carbon monoxide in the hallway, evacuate the apartment.’”

    The Fosters, who have been without heat and most of their power since Friday, are grateful for the alarm, because otherwise they may not have realized until it was too late.

    Sue said, “I felt headachey, I felt nauseous but I’ve been drinking a lot of coffee trying to keep warm.”

    Her daughter Stephanie said, “I was light-headed and nauseous, he was so out of it, lethargic, once he got fresh air, oxygen, he was active again.”

    It was a close call for the Fosters, but it wasn’t the only close call in their apartment complex.

    Monday night, firefighters responded for what residents say was the fourth call for carbon monoxide detectors going off.

    Gabi Vazquez's parents' stove had to be shut off and tagged after leaking carbon monoxide.

    Vazquez said, “It’s been horrible around here, a lot of people have been finding out there’s a lot of carbon monoxide problems lately since the storm and no electricity for 90% of the people here.”

    But that’s not the only problem.

    Monday’s rain weighed so heavily on the snow piled on the roof, Lanika Brewington’s ceiling threatened to cave in.

    “Oh my God, it’s crazy, because of the snow there’s a flood in my kitchen, it smells like gas in here, I have two kids, it’s crazy," said Brewington, “I’m ready to move, now.”