Massive Effort Underway to Clear Worcester's Sidewalks, Streets | NECN

Massive Effort Underway to Clear Worcester's Sidewalks, Streets



    Snow is still causing problems for people in cars and people on foot (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN: Katelyn Tivnan) - There is a massive effort underway right now to clear the streets and sidewalks in Worcester, Mass. As you can imagine, getting around town is a challenge.
    Getting around Worcester is no easy task. Snow is still causing problems, for people in cars, and on foot.

    “I had to move off and walk in the street because sidewalks are covered in snow,” says Tony Cangello. “It's definitely not safe.”

    Across the city, unclear sidewalks are forcing people to walk in streets and hurdle snow banks. Tuesday, we found snow-covered sidewalks in front of businesses, homes and even city property.

    “It’s scary, walking in streets, cars have a light here, could get hit,” says John Harrington.

    “I was stuck in the middle of a cross walk and realized I couldn't go across because there was nowhere to cross to,” says Greg Dracoulis.

    The city says it is using good judgment when it comes to passing out sidewalk violations, In part because the city is also working on clearing roughly 20 miles of sidewalk they are responsible for.

    Public Works Commissioner Bob Moylan says the city is showing patience with residents, but he says it's not a free pass. Fines will eventually be issued.

    “There are big mounds if you have to walk into the street; cars can't see you and you can't see them,” says Harrington.

    The city parking ban also remains in effect.

    Moylan says side streets would be impassible if cars were parking on both sides. He says crews are also working to widen roads across the city.

    “I tend to move over for smaller cars who don't have the room so I cut into the snow bank and hope there’s nothing hard under there,” says David Bubar.

    The city says they have received very few calls and complaints. Meanwhile they say they are doing their part to keep cleaning up and are asking residents to do the same.
    “Snow removal when you get three feet overnight tends to be a problem but we're making up for last year.”