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People Feeling the Pain of Lingering Power Outages



    Outages are a big problem in Duxbury, Mass. (Published Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014)

    (NECN: Julie Loncich, Duxbury, Mass.) - There are still a lot of people feeling the pain from this blizzard. A big reason for that is lingering power outages.

    Outages are still a big problem in Duxbury, Mass.

    It's become a new routine for the Cochrane family. Return to his home, run the water, flush the toilets, and check the thermostat, which has been stuck at 50 degrees.

    "You're constantly on edge. Do you have it back, do you not have it back? Are the pipes going," says Jan Cochrane.

    Dressed in five layers and under all the blankets they could round up, the chill in the air Saturday was all they could bear.
    "I kept saying to myself, 'I don't remember in my whole life ever having to say, I have to leave house.'"

    Three nights, three different hotels later, the Cochrane's are still smiling but admit this is getting old.

    "It's a good thing we're retired and don't have any kids because we can laugh about it. If we had to go to work forget about it," says Bob Cochrane.

    "We dug out board games to play in the day time. Fortunately there's enough power in the area, you can still do things," says Jack Meeker who is without power.

    Down Stagecoach Road, Meeker and his neighbor Warren Hirst are making the most of it.

    "We have a wood stove so we've been pretty decent. At least one room has been warm. The lowest we've been down to is 57," says Hirst.

    Fortunately they have fireplaces but say their patience is wearing thin. NStar crews and subcontractors are out in Duxbury, Mass. working just as fast as they can. Still nearly 90 hours after the lights went out, they are still out for roughly 20-percent of residents. Lines still dangle, branches and limbs are still everywhere, resting if you will. But it's the Cochrane's who say this is getting a little tiresome.

    "Hey you know, it is what it is."