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Record-setting Snowfall Pounds Hamden, Conn.



    Blizzard of 2013 leaves town with more than 40 inches of snow (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN: Brian Burnell, Hamden, Conn.) - With 40 inches or more on the ground Hamden, CT is the snow winner... or loser... for the blizzard of 2013.  While main streets are plowed... mostly... a lot of side streets remain snow covered.  Just a few footpaths cut through the deep drifts.  For Monte Salem it meant trudging out to the main street to get to work.  He owns a pizza parlor in neighboring New Haven and says he could have opened his shop yesterday.  "New Haven you could still do business but I couldn't get to work.  Because you can't get your cars out.  No.  As you see it's Monday morning and still now plowed."

    Warm temperatures and rain are making the job of moving the snow even more difficult.  Jackie Therrien is a Qunnipiac University student who shares and apartment with 4 other girls.  She was doing her best to dig her car out.

    "I'm the first one out of 5 girls here.  How did you draw the short straw?  One snow shovel... OK, I get that... but how come you and not one of the other 4?  I just couldn't sit in the house any longer."

    Cabin fever can be an ugly thing.  So when the sight the entire neighborhood has been waiting for pulled down the street... a front-end loader pushing snow...the girls were thrilled.

    Ashley Kenyon says, "We were really happy when we saw the plow.  My room mates thought I was messing with them."

    Across the street Stephan Varga was working hard to shovel his walk.  Not an easy job but a relief to get outside after being unable to leave the house because the snow drifts were so high.

    "I couldn't get out because it was half way up.  In the back, it was 6, 7 feet in the back.  Because of wind-blown drifts.  Wind-blown, yeah.  So how'd you get out?   I took the glass out from the storm door.  Because you couldn't open the door.  I couldn't open the door, yeah."

    Yesterday when the snow was still sort of powdery you could get through it with a snowblower.  Today... It's like concrete.  No way.

    So Kevin Donovan and his family have been hunkering down, watching TV.  Except when son Jake and daughter Tess come out to play.  Kevin says the town wasn't saying when each street would be cleared "They didn't give us any expectations.  They just said they were getting more pay loaders and we just kind of crossed our fingers and hoped for the best."

    With lots of streets still socked in it could be mid-week or later before every one is cleared.