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Snow Emergency Remains in Effect in Somerville, Mass.



    Work on clearing public streets and walkways continues (Published Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014)

    (NECN: Josh Brogadir, Somerville, Mass.) - Here's what crews are up against as they try to clear this city and get school back in session.

    This parking lot was used by neighbors in Porter Square who were allowed to be there.

    They are now being asked to move their cars onto the playground and basketball court, so the DPW can get the snow out of there so teachers can find a place to park.

    Two full days after the last flake fell in Somerville, Mass. the problem here is that all that's piled up, won't go away.

    More than two feet is far too much for the rain to do much about.

    "Well if you know Somerville, we're the most densely populated city in New England, and one of the most densely populated in the country and we don't have the widest streets in some of the neighborhoods. Accessibility is important for our first responders," said Mayor Joseph Curtatone.

    And so, with a lack of ways to move the piles from the crowded streets, the snow emergency was not lifted at 6pm Monday night as planned, it will continue indefinitely.

    That means a parking ban on the street and that means school is cancelled not just for Tuesday, but for a fourth straight day on Wednesday. Already.

    "It's not even safe for adults to cross the street, you have to go where the driveways are, and then you have to cross the street where there's another open driveway, and it's not safe. So how is it safe for a child to cross the street?" Asked a woman named Jen whose daughter is in kindergarten.

    We drove around to see for ourselves.

    Mountains of snow, tight corners.

    The dance of the cars - one in, one out; two at a time - barely.

    And speaking of barely, hardly enough sidewalk space for photographer and camera to go together.

    Many pedestrians just took to the street.

    And some are still clearing their driveways and walkways out.

    "We're very lucky to have a driveway. I look at what people are doing out in the street with six inches between their car and five feet of snow and that is tough," said Corey Morris of Somerville.

    And the Mayor said one of their greatest challenges is getting more heavy equipment and contractors to do the work because other towns and cities are going through this too.