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Snow Moves in as School Vacation Week Kicks Off



    Many people are eager to fly to a warm destination for the week, but some are sticking around for the snow (Published Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014)

    (NECN: John Moroney) - It's school vacation week, and places such as Blue Hills will be packed with skiers - but it's not the only location or destination that people are headed to ride out Winter 2013.

    Not a bad way to spend the next week, ripping up the slopes at the ski area with some of the best conditions in years.

    "Every day, come up here, shred this nar. Do a couple of tricks,” said a young snowboarder.

    The start of this year's winter school vacation comes a week after New England was hit with one of the biggest storms in years. Despite all the snow and cold, these shredders says bring it on.

    "I love hitting the terrain park behind me. I mean it's fun hitting the box and the jump," one snowboarder said.

    In Terminal C at Logan International Airport, people leaving town for vacation have a very different view of the world. There are very few delays at the airport; Good news for people going to places like Florida and the Dominican Republic.

    Back on the slopes, they're prepared for what should be some of the best conditions of the year.

    "The snowstorm that we had last week was great and now we're getting snow today, tomorrow and later in the week," said Vero Piacentini of the Blue Hills ski area.

    It has been a tough winter, but it won't be long - maybe even less than a month - and pretty soon everyone on this hill be thinking about spring and April school vacation.