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Surveillance Videos Show Violence of Ky. Tornado



    (Published Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014)

    (NECN/NBC News: Josh Breslow) - The violent EF-3 tornado that ripped through Morgan County, Ky. last Friday was caught on several security camera systems across the area.

    It's like a scene out of a Hollywood blockbuster, but this is real.

    In Morgan County, the storm rolled in, with the winds quickly becoming violent, knocking over trees, moving a car and even pulling pieces right off a house.

    "It's scarier watching this video than it was to ride it out, you know, to be in the basement," said Randy Risner, a tornado survivor.

    While Risner was in the basement taking cover, the security cameras outside his house on Dixie Lane were rolling.

    "It's the closest thing to Hell that I've ever - here on Earth - that you'd see," said Risner.

    The powerful EF-3 tornado took down everything in its path, even buildings.

    Surveillance at Clinic Pharmacy on Liberty Road was also on when the tornado hit.

    "It sounded like a train, but it's like 100 trains at one time," said David O'Quinn, a pharmacist. "I was just in shock, like, I don't think I could process it at the time."

    O'Quinn took shelter nearby, while you can see a customer rides out the storm in his car in the pharmacy parking lot.

    "How scared he must have been," said O'Quinn about the customer.

    "No one has seen the strength of one like this," said Risner.

    Both Risner and O'Quinn want their videos to be lessons to other to see just how serious and dangerous these twisters can really be.

    Close to 600 people were displaced, and six people were killed in the Morgan County storm.