Typhoon Haiyan Expected to Do 'catastrophic' Damage to Philippines | NECN

Typhoon Haiyan Expected to Do 'catastrophic' Damage to Philippines



    (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN/NBC News: Frances Kuo) - Typhoon Haiyan has struck the Philippines and is slated to be one of the strongest storms ever recorded.

    Weather experts are predicting catastrophic damage in the country and possibly widespread casualties.

    The central Philippines are bearing the brunt of the storm. The storm barreled through with winds of at least 150 miles an hour and swept drenching rains that made visibility virtually nonexistent.

    Debris flew through the air and floated on roads that seemed to transform into rapid-moving rivers.

    Storm surges are expected to reach up to more than 20 feet in some cities.

    About a million people are taking cover in shelters in more than 20 provinces.

    Because the country is made up of islands, there's fear that residents have few options for safe areas.

    Weather experts are calling Haiyan a perfect storm with a clear eye, an indicator of its strength.

    The only positive of the situation is that it's fast-moving.

    That's little comfort for millions of residents who are bracing for the worst.