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Bacon Recipes for Brunch and More

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Calling all Bacon lovers! Anna is sizzling it up in this episode of The Chef's Pantry. She is teaming up with Kayem to show you bacon's not just for breakfast and gives you some delicious recipes that she created for you to make any time of the day. 

Kayem is Anna's favorite bacon brand, not only because it's local and family owned, but for its outstanding flavor and how well it cooks.

 She says whether you use a rack in the oven, or a skillet it cooks beautifully.  Kayem Bacon is hand cut and smoked in a slow-cooking process.


Anna makes an Applewood Bacon & Asparagus Quiche  using Kayem's Brand new Applewood Bacon . She also gives you her tricks for making it a beautiful, standout brunch dish. 


Next, she takes a regular burger and transforms it into her award-winning  Bacon & Lamb SmashBurger.  Anna says her secret is using Kayem's Double Smoked Thick Cut Bacon in the mixture to add flavor and moisture to the burger.

She also tops it off with a crown of perfectly cooked slices.


Then, for those of us with a sweet tooth, we see you.

You've got to try Anna's Chocolate Bacon & Pecan Turtles.

 She uses Kayem's Slow Smoked Maplewood Bacon and a sprinkle of Sea Salt.

She says it is an easy and decadent treat that would make a master chocolatier's mouth water.

See how to make all of these can't miss treats in this episode of The Chef's Pantry With Anna Rossi.

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