Build Your Own Classroom at Home To Keep Kids Learning During COVID-19 Outbreak

Schools are Closed for several weeks due to the Coronavirus. See how you can turn your home into a learning space for children.

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A dedicated space for learning:
Kids can benefit from having a special space to do some educational activities throughout the day. They can help assemble and decorate a makeshift classroom in your dining room with supplies and other things that you find around the house. Also a designated space so they feel good about and will that will hopefully encourage them to focus and feel a little different than the ordinary day to day. 

Age appropriate activities:
You can look around the house to find books, workbooks, puzzles and other projects that will keep them busy & engaged. Plan to swap these out regularly!

Attempt to keep a schedule: 
This won’t be easy! But it’ll be good for you to have a plan. Have snacks & lunch in the kitchen, school activities in the dining room & free time in the living room , playroom and outside.

Have fun & Don’t go crazy:
But seriously, when all is said & done kids won’t remember Coronavirus but they’ll remember how they felt during this time. So, try and stay calm, stay in the moment & enjoy...because this too shall pass. 

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