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Late at Night on NBC

Late at Night on NBC

Schwarzenegger Dishes About 'Celebrity Apprentice' on 'Tonight'

Host Jimmy Fallon thinks "Hast la vista, baby" is too obvious for Schwarzenegger's catchphrase on the show



    'Tonight': Schwarzenegger's 'Apprentice' Catchphrase

    Arnold Schwarzenegger can't say what his version of Donald Trump's "You're fired!" will be on "The New Celebrity Apprentice," so host Jimmy Fallon gives some suggestions. (Published Thursday, Dec. 15, 2016)

    Arnold Schwarzenegger joined Jimmy Fallon on "The Tonight Show" Wednesday to dish new details about his upcoming revival of "The Celebrity Apprentice" on NBC. 

    The actor and former California governor, sporting a knee-high medical boot due to an injury, talked optimistically about filling the reality show shoes of now-President-elect Donald Trump in the eighth season of the show.

    He said "it was really terrific" making "The New Celebrity Apprentice." "This has been so much fun. People will be very entertained," Schwarzenegger added.

    The "Terminator" star then joked with Fallon about how he will replace Trump's famous final words, "You're fired."

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    "Hasta la vista, baby" seemed too obvious, Fallon quipped. But "Get to the chopper!" got a big laugh from the audience and the new "Apprentice" boss.

    "The Apprentice," which gave way for the celebrity-centered sequel, first aired in 2004 with Trump at the head of the boardroom table.

    Though Trump left in 2015 to begin his latest political journey, it was announced Dec. 8 that he will remain on the new installment of "Celebrity Apprentice" as an executive producer.

    Schwarzenegger said on the "Today" show Thursday that he doesn't see a problem with Trump remaining the executive producer while in office. 

    "I think it’s perfectly fine that he has the executive producer credit," he said. 

    "Celebrity Apprentice" is produced and owned by MGM and appears on the NBC Television Network. 

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    Schwarzenegger spoke to People magazine Dec. 9 about the future of the game show. 

    "I hope people are able to enjoy the show regardless of their thoughts about politics," the 69-year-old businessman said. "I am the new host, and I hope that I can match up to what [Trump] has done and continue on with a great, successful show. As a matter of fact, I want to have my ratings a little higher than his were!"

    To see who Schwarzenegger will "terminate one by one," fans will have to tune in to "The New Celebrity Apprentice" when it premiers on NBC on Jan. 2 at 8 p.m. ET.