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Black Girls of Country TikTok, The BoykinZ, Take the Genre by Storm

These sisters are taking the country world by storm with their viral moments from country hits to their unique personalities

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Their boots are made for more than walking! A group of singing sisters taking over TikTok with their country infusion style made their first trip to Texas.

The BoykinZ have taken the country world by storm with viral videos showing them covering country music hits and sharing dances highlighting their fun, unique personalities. The sisters write, sing, and arrange music with a signature sound they describe as country infusion. It's country music infused with pop, rock, hip-hop, and soul.

From the suburbs of Atlanta, Kylan, Anale, Nytere, and Alona have gone from performing musical theater together at their family's performing arts center, to making national headlines after country music star Shania Twain surprised them with a Nashville invitation on "The Kelly Clarkson Show."

Best known as the Black girls of country TikTok, they currently have over 64 million views, nearly half-a-million followers and more than 10 million likes growing daily.

"We are country music, and just to be able to be ourselves and to express ourselves. This is because it feels like freedom to do what we love together and what we call country infusion; just expressing ourselves to the fullest, even in music, we think is very important," said Kylan. "And I think it can help set other people free because there are people who want you to stick to whatever stereotypes but we don't do that. We live our lives and we want to encourage others to do the same."

"Yes, it also felt like a superpower because we are being inspirational to other folks who go for their dreams. It doesn't matter what color you are," Nytere said.

Although they are coworkers, they are sisters who argue like normal. And with that dynamic, they have a natural system that works for them.

"I guess, as sisters, we have arguments. This is a democracy, we usually vote on things that we don't agree on. So the majority rules," said Kylan.

"It's like that bond, and no one else could get like the creativity we understand each other's creativity," said Nytere.

"My sisters, they never limit me," said Alona. "And so we're limitless. And so when we come together; we're very powerful."

As they step into the next phase of their journey from singing covers to publishing their original song, "Girls Night," they perform and line dance across the country. The BoykinZ are not only vocalists, they also play instruments and have written original music to perform.

The girls credit their success to their parents who are entrepreneurs and quit their jobs to manage their careers after recognizing the girls' talent.

"Ten years ago, our parents formed us as a group. They had a performing art, performing after-school program. And we were basically born into the arts. And they saw a great opportunity and saw that we could sing and harmonize. They closed their business and they put all their attention on us. Fast forward to now, you know, it's just been such a blessing," said Anale.

As young rising country music stars, the sisters hope to inspire people with their talent and music. Their goal is to get people listening to their lyrics to forget about their troubles.

"It's a blessing. You know, we thank God for these gifts that we get to share them and inspire. And just to walk in our purpose. It just means everything else will have an amazing support system," Anale said. "Our parents are the bomb dot com, praise God for them."

They have also performed at Usher’s New Look Foundation Ball and made special appearances at the 2022 Stagecoach Festival, LA Football Club with Kevin Frazier of "Entertainment Tonight," The National Museum for African American Music, Shaquille O’Neal’s Boys & Girls Club, and recently performed during the presentation of the Bill Pickett Rodeo at Cowtown Coliseum in Fort Worth.

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