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Krispy Kreme Debuts Caramel-Glazed Doughnuts for 1st Time Ever

"This doughnut is going to blow your mind," the brand's chief marketing officer said

Krispy Kreme

Of all its decadent flavors, Krispy Kreme has never before sold a caramel-glazed doughnut — until now. And it's perfect for those of us in need of a break from pumpkin spice.

The international doughnut chain, which was actually voted America's favorite coffee shop alongside Dunkin' in 2019, announced that customers can enjoy two brand-new doughnuts beginning Monday. Sure, some folks may be partial to the classic glaze, but anyone with a sweet tooth (or a sweet-and-salty tooth) may have a tough time resisting these caramel confections.

From now through Nov. 22, shops around the country will offer a Caramel Glazed Doughnut and a Salted Double Caramel Crunch Doughnut. The former is just what it sounds like: basically the same as a classic Original Glazed Doughnut but with caramel mixed in. The latter is the Caramel Glazed Doughnut dipped in caramel icing and then topped with a salty, crunchy topping.

"There are a lot of caramel lovers out there and if you’re one of them, this doughnut is going to blow your mind,” Dave Skena, Krispy Kreme's chief marketing officer, said in a statement. “It’s incredibly delicious and you’re going to need to take a moment for yourself and just be one with caramel awesomeness."

Could this decadent treat be just enough to kick a case of the Mondays, the cold weather blues or even 2020 stress? We'll just have to try it to find out.

The new flavors will disappear by the end of the month, though, so don't get too attached. And if caramel's not your thing and you prefer less sticky, not-so-saccharine treats like pumpkin pie: Don't worry. Your time is coming soon.

The two new flavors have something for both sweet and salty lovers, but they'll only be available for less than two weeks. Photo credit: Krispy Kreme

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