Lindsay Lohan Recalls Jamie Lee Curtis Reaching Out About ‘Freaky Friday' Sequel

But is there really a chance they’d team up again for a sequel to the beloved 2003 movie?

Lindsay Lohan
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Lindsay Lohan wants to get “Freaky” again.

During a visit to “The Tonight Show,” the 36-year-old star revealed that Jamie Lee Curtis recently reached out to her and mentioned the possibility of a sequel to their 2003 mother-daughter switcheroo movie "Freaky Friday."

“I was on set filming at the time,” she told host Jimmy Fallon. “Jamie Lee Curtis writes you, and you just get excited and distracted immediately! So I had to bring myself back down to earth, and be like, ‘I’m on set. I have to focus.’”

But it was a challenge, given that her 63-year-old former co-star brought up a thrilling topic.

“She said, ‘Freaky Friday 2,’ and I got more excited,” Lohan recalled.

Curtis didn’t just talk about a sequel to the body-swapping box office hit with Lohan.

In October, the actor pitched the idea while visiting “The View.”

“Lindsay Lohan and me back in a ‘Freaky Friday,’” Curtis suggested.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan
Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan during the premiere of "Freaky Friday" at El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, California, United States. (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/WireImage)

“Bring it! Let me be the grandma, let me be the old grandma who switches places,” she added. “So then Lindsay gets to be the sexy grandma who’s still happy with Mark Harmon in all the ways you would be happy with Mark Harmon. ... I would like to see Lindsay be the hot grandma, and I would like to see me try to deal with toddlers today. I want to be a helicopter parent in today’s world, as an old lady.”

And Lohan assured Fallon she's on board with the idea, too.

"We would both be into it," she insisted.

But that's not the only film she'd like to revisit. Lohan, whose new Christmas rom-com"Falling for Christmas," debuted on Netflix Nov. 10, wouldn't mind bringing back her “Mean Girls” character, Cady Heron, for another film.

Not that the decision is hers to make.

"I think that’s in Tina Fey’s hands," she noted of the original 2004 movie's creator.

Lindsay Lohan is recreating a special memory from the set of one of her most iconic movies! This week, the actress posted a photo in front of Big Ben in London with her brother Dakota, which mirrored one they took roughly 25 years ago while Lindsay was shooting "The Parent Trap."

That's when Fallon turned to the camera to make a plea to his fellow "Saturday Night Live" alum.

“Tina, I know you’re watching," he said. "Let’s make that happen.”

Fey already has another take on “Mean Girls” in the works, but this time it’s an adaptation of the Broadway musical.

“I’m very excited to bring ‘Mean Girls’ back to the big screen,” Fey announced in 2020. “It’s been incredibly gratifying to see how much the movie and the musical have meant to audiences.”

There’s been no casting news for that project yet, but if Fey’s still looking for someone to play Cady, a newly released clip promoting Lohan’s Christmas flick proves she can certainly sing.

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