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Maren Morris Reflects on Her Struggle With Postpartum Depression After Welcoming Son Hayes

Maren Morris shares her experience with postpartum depression: “I know that I’m not the only one.”


Maren Morris is done singing the postpartum blues.

In a recent People interview, the "Chasing After You" singer, 31, opened up about her experience dealing with postpartum depression following the birth of her son, Hayes Andrew Hurd, after 30 hours of labor back in March 2020.

The musician explained that, in addition to attending therapy, her husband, Ryan Hurd, was a "huge help" in eventually leading her to a diagnosis. "Sometimes it's just someone really close to you saying, 'Are you OK?'" she told the outlet. "It's so simple, but it kind of snaps you out of whatever fog you're in that you think is normal but isn't."

Speaking about her husband, Morris added, "I wouldn't have made it through with my head this high without him."

The artist, whose symptoms lessened six months after Hayes, now 2, was born, said that she took comfort in knowing that she wasn't the only mom who has ever felt that way.

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"It's been such an amazing thing to know that I haven't been alone in this, that other women have all been dealing with the same exact fears and anxieties," she explained. "Even just knowing that if I wake up in the middle of the night with a panic attack, I know that I'm not the only one."

Morris also credited a shift in the way people view and talk about the importance of mental health amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, a change that she hopes continues.

"I'm pretty sure everyone in lockdown and this pandemic has had to do a temperature check on their mental health," she said. "Maybe it'll become a more perpetual practice going forward because of these two years -- I hope it is. I just think there's not a stigma as much around talking about it and reaching out for help."

Morris isn't the only mom hoping to squash the stigma surrounding the post-pregnancy experience. Earlier this month, Kylie Jenner posted a video on her Instagram Story sharing that it hasn't been "easy mentally, physically" or "spiritually" since the birth of her son in February.

"It's okay not to be okay," Jenner continued. "Once I realized that...I was putting some pressure on myself and I just keep reminding myself 'I made a whole human, a beautiful healthy boy' and we have to stop putting pressure to be back, not even psychically, just mentally after birth."

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