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Olivia Munn Says Her Hair Is ‘Falling Out in Clumps' 4 Months After Giving Birth to Baby Malcolm

In response to a compliment about her hair, Olivia Munn is getting candid with fans about her postpartum experience, which in the actress' case, includes hair loss


Olivia Munn is opening up about a relatable part of her postpartum experience. After sharing a few adorable photos of herself and her 4-month-old son, Malcolm -- who she shares with John Mulaney -- to Instagram April 14, one user asked if she could jokingly "have [Olivia's] hair for one day," which prompted the new mom to keep it real about her tresses. "Ummm, it's falling out in clumps post-partum," Olivia wrote, before chiming in with an offer -- sort of. "I'll let you have it once I can grow it back and give it to you in better condition."

After welcoming her son in November 2021, the "Love Wedding Repeat" star has been candid about the physical and mental struggles she's faced amid her postpartum journey. In January, Munn opened up about the challenges of breastfeeding, telling her Instagram followers that providing milk to her son can be "hard, especially if you have low supply."

Additionally, in a March Instagram post, the 41-year-old shared that her hips felt "wonky from pushing out a human being," adding that her "post-partum anxiety is still here (and horrible)."

Despite the challenges, as Munn explained, it's possible to feel everything all at once. "I'm so so happy," she wrote alongside a separate Instagram story pic in March. "And at the same time, I'm struggling (weird to feel both simultaneously yet so grateful to have all the happiness to keep me afloat)." As for that happiness, fans got to see it up close and personal when she penned a shoutout to her baby for his birthday in late March.

"It's been 4 months since the happiest, chillest baby came into my world," the actress captioned a March 24 Instagram photo of the mother-son duo. "He wakes up smiling every single morning without fail, he loves bath time so much that he kicks his legs and looks around whenever he hears the sound of the tub filling up, his tiny fists are his favorite things to gum on and he squeals and follows along page by page whenever we read to him."

For good measure, Munn concluded her post with a simple message for her son: "I love you I love you I love you."

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