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‘Walking Dead' Actor Alicia Witt Says Her Parents' Sudden Death ‘Still Doesn't Feel Real'

In a lengthy Facebook post on Tuesday, Witt also addressed some "misconceptions" about the deaths of Robert Witt, 87, and Diane Witt, 75

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Actor Alicia Witt is opening up about the loss of her parents a little over a month after they were found dead in their Worcester, Massachusetts home.

"It still doesn't feel real. It’s been a month since i got scared, not having heard back from them, and called to have them checked on," the "Walking Dead" star wrote in a lengthy Facebook post on Tuesday. "Waiting, phone in hand, praying fervently that the next call would be from them, angry i’d gotten someone else involved. knowing as soon as i heard the detective’s voice on the other line that they were gone. knowing i would never hear their voices again. beginning the rest of my life of finding them on the breeze, in a song, in a dream."

Robert Witt, 87, and Diane Witt, 75, were found dead by police on Dec. 20 after Alicia Witt asked a cousin who lives nearby to check on them.

There were reports the couple had been having furnace problems, according to The Telegram & Gazette. Local station WFXT reported that their deaths are believed to be from hypothermia.

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