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Beach or Car Door? This Photo Is Bewildering the Internet



    Viral Image Sensation: Beach or Car Door?

    First came The Dress, then Yanny vs. Laurel. Now, an image making the rounds on the web has people wondering if they're seeing a beach or the door of a car.

    (Published Tuesday, July 9, 2019)

    The latest seemingly innocuous image that's amazing people on the internet has them asking whether they're looking at a dramatically stormy beach or just a very close up part of a car.

    Dozens of people have replied to Twitter user @nxyxm with what they see — and many are emphatic.

    "I’ve looked at this picture every which way possible, the only thing I see is someone might be looking through a window at a beach. Maybe if we saw the whole picture of the car, then it’s possible we might get it," user @dbderouen wrote. 

    "I saw beach.  Then, after about 10 mins of staring I thought the pic was looking down on a tinfoil wrapped dish on the ground, maybe at a picnic.  But I still mostly see beach," user @BBilly1959 wrote.

    And @nigelAshcroft3's reply referred to the phrase "car gate" in the original tweet when they wrote, "If you’d said mangled bumper I would have seen it straight away. I was trying to make out a door, but it’s got nothing to do with a door lol."

    Turns out, there is an answer: It's a car door, with a broken runner seen between the door and the dusty ground.

    The illusion is just the latest to send the internet into a tizzy since the bafflingly colorful stripes of The Dress.