Anniversary for Institute of Contemporary Art on Boston Waterfront

Boston's Institute of Contemporary Art is celebrating its 10th anniversary at its waterfront location.

It's an important milestone, explains ICA Director Jill Medvedow.

"We were founded in 1936. We've had many temporary locations on the journey to this first permanent home," she said.

To celebrate, the ICA has a special exhibit called "First Light," which features over 100 works by artists of the 20th and 21st centuries. Medvedow says it's the "most ambitious collection show we've ever done."

Chief Curator Eva Respini gave necn's Jackie Bruno a tour of the exhibit, pointing out key pieces along the way. One large piece by British artist Corneilla Parker features hanging pieces charcoal, found at a suspected arson fire.

"It kind of lifts up into the air to make what was ugly becomes beautiful in her hand," Respini explained.

Another work by American artist Ellen Gallagher features 60 pages from Ebony and Jet Magazines that are advertisements for women's hair and beauty products.

"She has altered these to make a comment on the expectations women have, especially African American women on how they should look," said Respini.

"First Light" runs through Jan. 16, 2017. For more information, click here.

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