Boston Ballet Presents ‘Le Corsaire’

Interested in "a real unique, somewhat crazy story?" That's how Boston Ballet's artistic director, Mikko Nissinen, described "Le Corsaire," which runs through Nov. 6 at the Boston Opera House.

He says it's a swashbuckling, action-adventure, that's "about life in a harem, kidnapping, pirates, and jealousy."

It's also a ballet with deep roots, and one that choreographer Ivan Liska had to go to Harvard to uncover. He delved deep into documents there to discover the original choreography by Marius Petipa.

"Many times, there are original steps which we lost. We thought, 'this is impossible. You can't do a step like this,'" Liska said. Then we discovered a courageous dancer who tried it and suddenly, there was a new step."

The result is breathtaking, and according to Ashley Ellis, one of the stars of the show.

"I think it's a great first ballet to see because it does have that classical aspect to it, but there’s a lot of action," Ellis said.

This is also the first time audiences in North America will see this version of "Le corsaire." It's an opportunity Nissinen says should not be missed.

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