Boston Lighthouse Celebrates Its 300th Birthday

America's first lighthouse sits in Boston Harbor

America's first lighthouse sits right in Boston Harbor, and it’s celebrating a major milestone: 300 years in service. 

This summer's "Shining Beacon, Island Home" exhibit at Hull Lifesaving Museum in Hull, MA, honors the legacy of Boston Light. 

"This is an exhibit celebrating the history of Boston Light, and the keepers and their families who lived out at the light for so many years," said curator Victoria Stevens. 

The museum is full of items used to keep the light bright before electricity, including oil lamps. Visitors can also get close to a Fresnel lens, the same type used to send light beaming 27 miles upon the horizon. 

Among the artwork is a painting by local artist Roger William Tirrell. He captures the history of the lighthouse on canvas, from the Revolutionary War to today. 

"I was so honored because I grew up right across from Boston Light," said Tirrell. 

Old photographs tell of keepers past, including the Norwood family and their nine children, who would travel by boat to go to school in Hull. 

"Shining Beacon, Island Home" runs until October. On Sunday, Aug. 21, the public will gather to celebrate Boston Light on Georges Island. That event takes place from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The only cost is the price of a ferry ticket.

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