‘Finish Line'

Out of the tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombings emerged powerful stories of heroism and resilience in the face of evil. Those stories are taking center stage in a documentary play getting ready for its world premiere.

Joey Frangieh and Lisa Rafferty co-created "Finish Line: The Untold Stories of the 2013 Boston Marathon," which weaves together dozens of interviews to create a script honoring those affected by the marathon bombings.

"The experience of listening to those stories and putting those stories together in a play, a documentary play, I think speaks really profoundly to the community and what they went through," said Rafferty.

The piece begins on the day of the bombings and ends on the 2014 finish line. The whole play is told in the exact words of those personally touched by that day.

"The stories of the survivors that were there are extremely powerful, as well as the people who ran in to help, who weren't trained medical professionals, necessarily," Rafferty said.

Boston Theater Company, a non-profit founded by Frangieh, is bringing "Finish Line" to life with 10 Boston-based actors taking on roles ranging from store manager to police officer. The play's three-week run of preview performances is underway now at the NonProfit Center in Boston with a world premiere coming next year in association with Citi Performing Arts Center. It's a chance for Rafferty and Frangieh to fine tune their play for 2017.

"I hope audiences see that focusing on stories of good are as valuable or more valuable than stories that focus on fear and terror and evil," said Frangieh.

Preview performances of "Finish Line" run now through April 23. General admission tickets are $35. For more information, click here.

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