Machine de Cirque in Boston

The circus is coming to Boston, but you probably haven't seen a show quite like this before.

Machine de Cirque is a Quebec City-based circus company that taps into the human spirit, combining strong performance with comedy and live music.

"It's more like a trip with those emotions. People can see the story and relate it to their story," said circus artist Yohann Trpanier.

Trpanier and Raphael Dub have been working together for nearly 10 years. The duo began touring as part of Machine de Cirque in 2015, gaining popularity with their clever towel routine, which got millions of views on YouTube.

"After we went to TV, it just exploded on the web," said Trpanier.

It's those kinds of moments that make the live experience so personal.

"You are close, you can see. The first row receives some sweat, you know? You are in the show," Dub said.

With wacky, endearing characters who have a knack for improvisation, no performance is ever quite the same.

"Our show is alive," said Trpanier. "We always try to improvise a little bit here, feel the audience, change the rhythm if the audience is giving this response. And it's always different."

Machine de Cirque is at the Emerson/Paramount Mainstage through Sunday, Oct. 2. Tickets start at $20. For information, click here.

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