Mass Save® Makes Recycling Your Refrigerator Hassle-Free

Eversource and Mass Save are here to help you save money and energy by recycling your old, inefficient refrigerator

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There’s really nothing to like about old refrigerators. They’re bulky eyesores that take up space, waste energy, and increase energy costs.

And yet many of us are reluctant to get rid of them. That’s because old refrigerators are difficult to dispose of responsibly. Not only are these appliances heavy, but they’re packed with environmentally hazardous materials like oil, mercury, and refrigerant. Instead of going through the removal hassle, we’re more prone to stick our old refrigerators in the basement or garage, where they sit half empty and drain energy.

Thankfully, Eversource and Mass Save are here to help you recycle your refrigerator free of charge. A dedicated team will arrive at your door — at a time you select — to remove your old unit and ensure that it’s recycled appropriately. That’s right, they’ll literally do all the heavy lifting for you, and also make sure that no hazardous materials find their way into landfills.

Good for the Environment
More than 95 percent of your refrigerator or freezer can be beneficially recycled. Components like metal, plastic, and glass can be repurposed into useful products like:

Cell phones and laptops,
Aluminum cans, and
Building materials like rebar, nails, and cement mixture.

– Cell phones and laptops,

– Aluminum cans, and

– Building materials like rebar, nails, and cement mixture.

Reusing these materials has a profoundly positive impact on the environment. In fact, recycling just one refrigerator prevents the same amount of carbon dioxide emissions from entering the atmosphere as would be avoided by removing TWO cars from the road in a year.

Good for Your Wallet
Recycling an old refrigerator also saves you energy and money. It’s recommended that a refrigerator be replaced every 15 years with a newer, more energy-efficient model. So whether you’re using an old, inefficient model as your primary refrigerator, or have simply relegated it to the garage or basement as the household’s second fridge, consider these two facts:

– Older units can use nearly 2x more energy than new ENERGY STAR certified models of today.

– You could be losing up to $100 a year in energy costs by keeping that old unit running. 

Not only will Eversource and Mass Save pick up, remove, and responsibly recycle your old unit free of charge, they’ll also provide a reward for your participation. By recycling your refrigerator or freezer through this program, you’ll receive a $50 rebate.

While getting rid of your old fridge or freezer may have once been a hassle, Mass Save and Eversource now make this process simple and convenient. Just by scheduling a pickup online or by phone, you’ll bypass the struggle of moving your bulky unit, avoid pickup fees, and earn a $50 rebate! 

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