McDonald's Is Giving Away McFlurries to Everyone Who Thought the Spoon Was a Straw

So ... basically everyone

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If you have ever thought the spoon of your McDonald's McFlurry was a straw, you're not alone.

For years, people have accidentally sucked on the strangely straw-like spoon sticking out of their dessert and now we finally know why it looks like that.

As Food and Wine reports, the iconic spoon is actually how workers are able to stir the mixture in the cup using a machine without needing to clean the machine after every use.

"After adding our creamy, cool soft-serve and delicious toppings to your McFlurry cup, our crew members attach the spoon to a machine that mixes the creamy vanilla soft serve and yummy ingredients together, ensuring there is a perfect amount of your favorite topping in each bite," the fast-food chain told the outlet via email.

McDonald's also released a youtube video here if you need a visual — basically, the top of the spoon attaches to the metal machine, which stirs the ice cream and toppings.

Apparently, it was created by an employee at one of McDonald's suppliers, Flurry International, in 1995 and has been an "iconic part of the dessert's experience," the company told Food and Wine.

In fact, that category includes just about everyone and now the company is making amends for our earlier misfortunes and offering a free Caramel Brownie McFlurry to customers on May 4.

It's all part of a larger promotion of that flavor, which happens on May 3. To get the free dessert, you have to download the McDonald's app and then scan the offer code at checkout — no purchase necessary. You can also get one for free from May 3 to 9 with a minimum $15 purchase on McDelivery with Uber Eats.

Food and Wine pressed the fast-food chain to explain why they don't just make the spoon also function as a straw alreadyApparently it's something the company considered but decided was too risky.

"We think our creamy McFlurry is best enjoyed with a spoon. Some of the McFlurry toppings are too large and might pose a safety risk with a straw," McDonald's told the outlet.

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