Trending: Gronk and Kittens

Teammates reacting to Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski's photo shoot with kittens and a Tylor Swift parody about the lives of deprived mothers are making headlines across the web Friday.

Gronk Kitten Shirtless
ESPN: The Magazine

What's trending now? Here's a look at the stories making headlines across the web.

First, Rob Gronkowski's teammates with the New England Patriots locker responded to the tight end's recent photo shoot With kittens.

Last week, Gronk was also photographed with Justin Bieber, but the kittens are definitely cuter.

Also trending is what's likely the billionth take of a new Taylor Swift hit.

Deprived mothers turn "Blank Space" into a story about their insane lives.

The video was published two days ago and already has 767,000 views.

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