Trending Now: “Chandelier” Parody

Here’s a look at some of the top trending stories online

RyanJamesYezak Dance
RyanJamesYezak/ YouTube

Here’s a look at some of the top trending stories online.

His letter didn't reach the North Pole, but a Chicago teenager still got a reply from a famous figure. Malik Bryant, 13, wrote a letter to Santa, asking for safety for himself and his community. The letter made its way to the White House, and Bryant got a response from President Obama himself. This was all part of a charity organization's "Letters to Santa" program, which receives thousands of letters every year.

A man is bringing his parody skills to IKEA. Scott Nelson and his girlfriend spoofed the hit song "Chandelier" at the popular furniture store. At one point, Nelson, who dressed up as a chandelier, was asked to leave the store, but just kept on dancing anyway.

A pair of U.S. Army captains did a great service for President Obama. They moved their wedding venue so the president could go golfing! President Obama apologized with a phone call. The newlyweds planned to have their wedding on the 16th hole of the Marine base Hawaii golf course. But they weren't stressed and actually said it was pretty cool.

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