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Dancing Roommate

Taylor Swift has released her latest music video, but it may have come out a little earlier than planned. Yahoo uploaded the "Blank Spaces" video Monday morning, but quickly took the link down. Swift then uploaded it herself a few hours later. The video shows her making fun of her reputation by using every crazy girlfriend stereotype, such as destroying cell phones, wrecking her boyfriend’s car, and of course, uncontrollably crying. “Blank Spaces” is the second single in her latest album, “1989.”

Real or fake? You decide. A roommate started recording when he arrived home, slowly crept down the stairs and found his roommate getting his dancing-cleaning groove on, listening to Sheena Easton's 1980 hit "Morning Train." He doesn't seem too embarrassed when he realizes he's caught. The video has more than six- million hits.

One father is making his premature baby feel a bit stronger with a homemade baby-sized Iron Man costume. The baby has been hospitalized since July. The father, who is a professional prop designer, made it over a three-day stretch. He said he wants his son to feel brave while he remains in hospital care.

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