Trending Now: Red Sox Twitter Fail

Your look at some of the top trending stories on the Internet

Red Sox tweet during Ferguson

Here’s your look at some of the top trending stories on the internet.

New England sports teams can't seem to get the whole Twitter thing down. It was a busy day for the Red Sox with two big free agent pickups. They sent out a Tweet saying, "So how was everyone’s Monday?" The only problem is they Tweeted it out at almost the exact same time the Grand Jury decision on the Ferguson police officer came out. The team deleted the tweet a few minutes after it was posted.

Bradley Cooper is pumping up other Philly natives for Thursday's big matchup between the Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys. The star actor voiced-over a video full of trash talk and Eagles highlights to rally fans and scare off those "lasso tossing rodeo heads." The game is a big one, as both teams are tied atop their division.

Controversy is surrounding the Budweiser Clydesdales. The Wall Street Journal released a report over the weekend saying the iconic horses would not be making their annual holiday appearance in Anheuser Busch’s ads, in the company's attempt to appeal to younger drinkers. After public outcry Anheuser Busch said the horses will in appear in an ad this holiday season and added they'll be seen in another ad during the Super Bowl. The Clydesdales made their first ever appearance in 1933 after the prohibition was repealed.

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