Trending Now: Snow Storm Time Lapse

Your look at some of the top trending stories on the Internet

Here is a look at some of the top trending stories on the internet.

Take a look at an incredible view of Tuesday's snow storm approaching Buffalo, New York. A time lapse looking over Lake Erie as the region was being pummeled by a massive snow storm is making rounds online. This video was all shot on an iPhone.

This holiday season hundreds of troops stationed overseas will be getting cards thanks to one six-year-old boy. Kayden is behind "Operation Christmas Smiles," a group that makes cards and care packages for U.S. troops. He got the idea last year when he learned his uncle would be staying in Afghanistan for the holidays. He has recruited his cousins and even some classmates to join the operation. Kayden has been nominated for Sprout Network's "Kindest Kid Contest."

K-Mart and Joe Boxer have turned “Jingle Bells” into “Jingle Bellies,” which is poised to be one of the most talked-about holiday ads this season. Last year they released a similar “Jingle Bells” ad that featured the company's boxers instead of their pajama pants. Even though it sparked a bit of controversy, Joe Boxer sales flourished last December.

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