Trending Now: Weird Al for Super Bowl Halftime Show?

A Seattle man started the movement to get Weird Al Yankovic to play the halftime show

The Super Bowl halftime show could be weirder than usual next year. There's a petition out there to bring Weird Al Yankovic to the high profile show. The online petition has already gotten more than 44,000 signatures. A Seattle man started the movement, saying a weird al performance would be a hilarious and welcome change from the usual acts who perform. Weird al hasn't commented yet.

Diners at a Minnesota restaurant are noticing a new fee on their checks. Oasis Cafe is adding a 35-cent minimum wage fee to all bills. The restaurant's owner argues that the state's 75-cent minimum wage hike will cost the restaurant an extra $10,000 a year. Customers are far from thrilled with the new charge, saying it's ridiculous what some businesses will do to prevent employees from making a living wage.

A graduate from Boston College is on a crazy run for a cause. Joe Maconaughy started at the Mexican border in California June 18, and he won't stop until he reaches the Canadian border, which is a 2,600 mile stretch. He's on pace to break the record of doing it in 59 days. It's in honor of his cousin who died at the age of two from brain cancer.


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