Trending Now: Worcestershire Sauce

Your look at some of the top trending stories on the Internet

Italian Chef

Here's a look at some of the top trending stories on the Internet.

One YouTube chef needs help to say “Worcestershire Sauce.” Chef Sciarappa just can't seem to get his mouth to form the word, although he gives several ways not to say Worcestershire Sauce. He quips "I don't know what kind of country this came from, but I'm Italian, so I'll read in Italian now." Or he could do what the Spanish do and simply call it "English Sauce."

We all know the Griffin family is from the fictional town of Quahog, Rhode Island, but now “Family Guy” is exploring real parts of New England. If you watched Sunday night you may have noticed a popular Connecticut grocery store, Highland Park Market. They operate several stores throughout the state, but the one featured in the scene is supposed to be in Manchester. It turns out one of Family Guy's writers is the twin brother of Highland's president.

Most Christmas songs they're already playing on the radio are pretty old fashioned. But Kristen Bell and A Capella group "Straight No Chaser" teamed up to give us a modern Christmas song called "Text Me Merry Christmas." The song is actually pretty catchy, and while it ties in plenty of Christmas themes, it is also a big reminder about how glued we are to our phones.

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