Trending Now: Terrifying Teddy Bears

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NBC 5 News

A Brooklyn, New York, artist has made the creepiest teddy bears you will ever see. The artist got the idea to cut them open, turn them inside out and then out the stuffing back in, leaving the teddy bear in a horrifying state.

The Seattle Seahawks' live mascot got up close and personal with some fans. During her routine pregame flight around the stadium, Taima the hawk found a nice place to land - on a poor guy's head. The bird eventually settled down and held still while fans snapped pics. After the photo shoot the bird was returned to its handler.

A four-year-old Atlanta, Georgia, boy fulfilled the dream of so many of his peers - to blow stuff up. It was a planned demolition, of course. Wearing his oversized safety vest, the boy was given the honor of pushing the button, bringing down a 19-story hotel. The site is the future home of a new children's hospital.

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