Your Museum, Reimagined

If you think art is inaccessible, or museums are boring, then you haven't been to the Portland Museum of Art in Maine.

It's where you can see, touch, create and view more pieces from their collection than ever before.

The museum has an unexpected strategy to get more visitors - they're closing their doors.

Inside, dramatic changes are underway. It's a multi-year, million-dollar project called "your museum, re-imagined."

Visitors can already view pieces by Warhol, Picasso and Monet, and curators are making room for 500 more works of art to be on display.

That means putting unique art in unexpected places - the chief curator says a preview is found on the fourth floor, where paper mache birds usher you upstairs - you then come face to face with a bedazzled buck.

Every gallery will have a theme.

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