Route 1's Iconic Orange Dino Gets a Kane's Doughnut

Route 1's iconic orange dinosaur now gets a permanent sweet treat to celebrate the opening of the latest Kane's Handcrafted Donuts location

The iconic orange dinosaur familiar to Route 1 drivers going through Saugus, Massachusetts can now be seen holding a sweet treat in its claws.

The prehistoric figure, which was saved from extinction three years ago following efforts from its community, is now holding a giant Kane's doughnut in celebration of the doughnut shop opening its third location.

Kane's Handcrafted Donuts opened their third location along Route 1, at the Essex Landing development.

The decision to open the third installment of the donut shop in Saugus was made in 2016. Officials originally hoped to open the 3,5000-square-foot care in December 2017.

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