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Kathryn is a hard-driving, to the point street reporter who is able to extract the story with precision and grace. A fervor for journalism, genuine empathy for others, and knowledge of New England fuel Kat's energy to consistently deliver informative commentary on necn.

Current, perceptive, hip, Kathryn engages her viewers daily and has also appeared nationally on CNBC, The Weather Channel, and other NBC affiliates across the country. Internationally, she appeared on BBC Radio during the Boston Bombings.

Kathryn came to NBC 10 Boston and necn in April of 2013 from WPRI in Providence, Rhode Island. Her first full week on TV was during the Boston Bombings. She was reporting on Marathon Monday, and also during the very sad, but intense days that followed. The pain and sorrow of that day is something she'll never forget. She snapped into action, reporting the vital information that viewers needed to know.
Prior to WPRI she worked at WMUR in Manchester, New Hampshire; WMTW in Portland, Maine and WMGM in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where she was a general assignment reporter. While in Providence, Manchester, Portland and Atlantic City, she covered a broad range of stories with both local and national interest, including interviewing presidential candidates in the 2008 primary.
Locally, Kathryn presents the news and issues the viewing public cares about.  She's the lead reporter on emerging pivotal topics - from the Boston Bombings to the Aaron Hernandez investigation to the critical issues that affect local cities and towns.
Personal knowledge of New England, its mood, its playmakers, its economy and dynamics enable Kat to not only get the story, but to deliver the story with rigorous objectivity, engendering the trust of her audience.  
She received a degree from Northeastern University in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science.
Besides a strong presence on camera, activities such as school reading events, walk-a-thons, career awareness days and scholarship judging all highlight Kat's genuine sense of community.

Twitter: @KatNBCBoston

Email: Kathryn.Sotnik@nbcuni.com

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