Officials Warning People of Bears During Peak Tourism Season

Officials from the NH Fish and Game Department warning people to take precautions

Officials from the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department are urging residents and campers to be wary of bears during the summer season.

June is considered a “transition period” between spring and summer foods, which causes bears to seek out many readily-available foods people tend to have available.

Andy Timmins, Fish and Game bear biologist says this lack of food as well as a boost in tourism contributes to bear-related complaints.

Businesses are urged to remove anything that could lure a bear to their property.

Fish and Game recommends that people take the following action to reduce the chances of a bear visiting your home or campsite:

- Stop all bird feeding by Apr. 1 or as soon as snow melts.
- Clean up any spilled birdseed and dispose of it in the trash.
- Secure all garbage in airtight containers inside a garage or adequate storage area, and put garbage out on the morning of pickup, not the night before.
- Avoid putting meat or other food scraps in your compost pile.
- Don't leave pet food dishes outside overnight.
- Clean and store outdoor grills after each use.
- Do not leave food, grease or garbage unsecured around campsites.
- Store food and coolers in a closed vehicle or secured area while camping.
- Never intentionally feed bears

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