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WATCH: ‘Corpse Flower' That Smells Like Dirty Diapers to Bloom

Just in time for Halloween, a rare "corpse flower" that gets its nickname from its putrid smell is expected to bloom next week at Dartmouth College's greenhouse.

Named Morphy, the titan arum is native to Sumatra's equatorial rainforests and has a long, pointy stalk with a skirt-like covering. It blooms just for several days. When it does, it has an odor described as rotting flesh, a decaying animal or even soiled baby diapers.

It's been growing several inches a day. By Friday morning, it reached 71.5 inches.

Visitors can go to the greenhouse or see the plant on Dartmouth's webcam.

The 15-year-old plant last bloomed in 2016, and before that, in 2011. Greenhouse manager Kim DeLong said the older the plant gets, the more likely it will flower sooner.

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