3 Last-Minute Thanksgiving Tips to Help You Stress Less, Relax More

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Thanksgiving is Thursday. Are you ready? If you are feeling overwhelmed, I've got some great tips to help you prepare a feast without a lot of fuss while concentrating on what you are thankful for, even in 2020. Especially in 2020.


The first helpful hint I have for you is KISS: Keep it simple, stupid. (I'm not being rude. It's a saying.) I have to remind myself that step ALL THE TIME.

The hardest part about planning a dinner is the menu, and the Thanksgiving dinner menu really never changes.

It's basically turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and a really good vegetable (or two.) Now, vegetables are where I get to play with variables, but the rest is pretty much planned out. So, there's nothing to think about: just peeling, chopping and cooking, right?!

2. I am thankful for...

I want to focus on the thankfulness every year. So, I set up a table with a card that says 'I am thankful for...'.

Then, everyone fills out a card anonymously stating what they are thankful for and places it in a bowl. During dinner, the bowl is passed around and everyone picks one and reads it aloud.

Afterwards, I string the notes up along my fireplace so that we can see the notes throughout the holiday season. It's a nice way to stay focused on what matters when things get crazy.

3. Fun factor

Most importantly, have fun. This year has been tough on everyone, but enjoy the family you are with and the food you have cooked.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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