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6 Ways to Include Your Kids in Valentine's Day

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Ah, February 14th. A day of flowers, and chocolates, and candlelit dinners … and crafts? Yeah sure, why not?!  

Valentine’s Day can be great for kids. Meghan Block of Boston Moms has a lot of ideas to get them involved with the holiday, starting with breakfast.

Heart-shaped breakfast

She says, “Take a heart-shaped cookie cutter to create an egg-in-a-hole; use heart-shaped tins to create mini banana breads; cut strawberries into hearts. The opportunities really are endless.”

I love you to pieces

One of the things that I like to do with the kids is this craft called ‘I love you to pieces.’ What I really like about it is it requires almost nothing, just construction paper and glue.

Just rip paper pink and/or red paper into tiny pieces and glue them onto paper that is a different color, making sure to form the pieces into a heart shape.

Thumbody loves you

“My personal favorite is the ‘Thumbody loves you’ craft. Simply use an ink pad and dip your child’s thumb in it, push it onto the paper, and then add cute little stick figure arms and legs to make your thumb buddy and write ‘thumbody loves you’. You can give it to anyone and it will make them smile,” says Meghan.

How the cookie crumbles

The kids will probably be hungry after all that craft-making. So to keep on theme, take some cookie dough, mix in pink or red food coloring, stamp them with a heart-shaped cookie cutter, add some pink or red frosting…and you’ve got a Valentine’s treat that will rival any bakery find.

Love-ly tablescape

“What would a holiday be without a fun tablescape?,” says Meghan, adding, “I like to shop the after-holiday clearance every year and store it away for the next year.” She’s acquired heart-shaped bowls and plates and even bakeware to make her tablescape festive and fun for the whole family.

You’ve gotta pizza my heart

If you’re looking for something to put on that table, try what I call the ‘You’ve got a pizza my heart’ pizza party. Just shape premade pizza dough into a heart shape and add any toppings you want. Kids love the holiday fun and, of course, who doesn’t like pizza?

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