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Got Fidgety Kids? This Educator Says Tea May Do the Trick

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If you've been watching your kids learn at home, you've probably seen them squirm and jump around in their chairs.

Educator Gahmya Drummond-Bey says, embrace the fidgeting! She has taught in Asia through two pandemics and has a lot of experience when it comes to remote learning.

She told Mom2Mom's Maria Sansone that she learned by teaching kids in China that when kids were constantly moving around, their mothers would give them something warm to drink, like tea.

She says the repetitive motion of bringing the cup to childrens' mouths allowed the kids to move while streamlining their focus.

Drummond-Bey says it works for adults too.

The bottom line, though, the educator says is to make sure you let kids be kids and not enforce a rigid routine without a little room to move.

Of course, not all teas may be appropriate for young kids and check with your doctor before trying any teas not recommended for children.

What Drummond-Bey's entire episode of Mom2Mom here.

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