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‘Laziness Does Not Exist': Why It's OK to Take a Beat

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Are you ever looking for someone to give you permission to just take a beat and relax? Dr. Devon Price is here to give it to you.

The social psychologist and author pairs his own life experiences with science to explain how damaging our society's obsession with busyness and output can really be.

He shares some ideas from his book "Laziness Does Not Exist" that encourage adults and kids to disconnect and embrace unstructured time.

And if that wasn't enough, he wrote "Unmasking Autism," also inspired by his own experience; this one focused on his later-in-life autism diagnosis. Dr. Price writes it to help those who have unmasked their behaviors for so long begin to understand and accept their needs.

There is a lot packed into this conversation, but all so valuable as we look to build a more fulfilled and accepting society.

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