Local Mom Writes Children's Story Inspired by Transgender Son

Local mom writes children’s book to encourage conversation and acceptance around gender creativity at all ages.

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Books can be such a helpful tool when it comes to teaching kids about identity, empathy and acceptance, especially when they are diverse and representative.

When a local mom couldn’t find a book that represented the journey of her transgender son, she decided to write one herself. 

Kerri Mullen recently released Eli’s New Clothes. It’s a story about dolls that come to life when 'their kid' goes to school to hang out, in the manner of Toy Story.

They learn that one of the friends doesn’t feel comfortable in the clothes their kid had them in and they come together to find clothes from the toy box that make this doll feel more comfortable.

Kerri, a mom of three and adjunct professor at Stonehill College,  was inspired to write Eli’s New Clothes after searching for children’s books with female to male pronouns and couldn’t find any.

She wanted her transgender son to have a story that represented his journey.

These stories are important for kids of all ages to begin the conversations and for kids to see characters like themselves. 

There has been a huge positive response from friends, family and the community.

But one of the best responses came from Kerri’s son himself, literally embracing the book in his arms upon receiving the first copy. 

Kerri hopes people are able to start conversations about gender creativity after reading this book, which she offers as a resource to parents, families, and schools. 

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