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Reminding Your Manners: Tips to Help the Whole Family Brush Up on Basic Etiquette as We Return to Normal

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With things starting to open up, you may be finding yourself in more social situations than you’re used to as we begin a slow return to normalcy.

Do your kids remember all their manners? Do you?

It's been a long time since we've taken our kids to people's homes for events. Do they remember the proper way to greet adults? Do they remember when to ask questions and when to wait? Do they remember how to share with other kids?

And then there are tough conversations caused by the pandemic both kids and adults may need to navigate. If you've been vaccinated and you want to get together with someone, what is the proper way to ask your family, friend, or acquaintance without causing offense? The same goes for the question about wearing masks. If you want to wear a mask but you are with someone who doesn't, how do you navigate the issue?

Mom2Mom host Maria Sansone sat down with etiquette expert Elise McVeigh for tips on how to navigate these questions and more. Watch the full interview above.

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