The Importance of Tech Time-Outs, Even This Time of Year

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School, work, shopping. In 2020, unlike any other year, we've needed technology to keep the wheels turning. The word "remote" takes on a whole new meaning as we turn to our devices to learn and live.

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But, are we escaping into our devices? Hands Free Mama, and bestselling author, Rachel Macy Stafford says it's all about striking balance.

For Stafford, she reached a moment when her daughter was watching a movie while the author and blogger was on her computer. Stafford suddenly decided to shut the laptop, went and sat with her daughter, and her daughter kissed her hand.


Stafford said that her daughter's reaction hit her. "OK, I get it. How do I grasp what really matters? I've got to let go of what doesn't matter. That 'kiss on the hand' moment showed me, 'In two minutes, Rachel, you can stop what you're doing and connect to what matters. And then, you get reinforced."


Stafford says to look for moments in the day when you are with your loved ones where you put all screens away so that you can be present, period.

No one is going to make the decisions for you, and it may feel uncomfortable at first since people are used to having continuous access. Make your boundaries and stick to them. The world will keep spinning, says Stafford.

The practice will lead to more quality family time, and you will be refreshed when it's time to turn the screens back on.

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