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Unicorn Space: What It Is and Why You Need to Demand It

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Women are interrupted, on average, every 3 minutes and 24 seconds. That makes finding an hour or two of alone time seem impossible, right?  Well, Eve Rodsky, New York Times Bestselling Author of Fair Play, explains that it is crucial.

In Rodsky’s research for her book she interviewed over 500 men and women.  Many of the women told Eve that they “did not believe they have the permission to be interested in their own lives.” Wow. Rodsky found the solution: Unicorn space. It can only exist if people find time to prioritize their own lives.

What It Is

So what exactly is unicorn space? It’s what you would do with uninterrupted time that does not include more work, a side hustle, or housework.  It is the active pursuit of something you love, something that brings you joy and makes you who you are. 

For example, Rodsky loves eating baked goods, but just eating them doesn’t count as her unicorn space while making them does.

Negotiating the Time

Are you sold on the idea yet? Well, let’s talk about negotiating this time. Rodsky does not typically believe in scorekeeping at home but this is the exception. It is essential that both partners have uninterrupted time to themselves outside of their professional lives, partnership, and parenthood. Rodsky argues that taking time for joy can help mental health, your longevity and relationship success.

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