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Why You Need a ‘Life List' In 2020

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If you have an endless to-do list but feel like you're getting nowhere, "Hands Free Mama" Rachel Macy Stafford says you are working off the wrong list.

Stafford stopped by the Mom2Mom mom cave to chat with Maria Sansone about ways to stop the spinning and think about what really matters.

The New York Times bestselling author says many of us are overwhelmed by things that we aren't even passionate about. You know what she's talking about -- errands, etc.

The answer, according to Stafford? Swap that to-do list for a LIFE LIST.

Stafford said she got the idea after reading the book Life Is a Verb.


It's simple: Write down what you need to do to accomplish what you were really meant to do in life. It may be being a parent, an author, an advocate.

Then, use that list as a gauge to determine what to say YES to when people pull on your time and energy.

Continually ask yourself, "What must I do before I leave this Earth?" If a task or event doesn't play into the mission or will prevent you from accomplishing your passions feel free to say NO.

Zero in on those things that make you feel fulfilled and allow you to live your purpose.

In this crazy year we are in, living with purpose is more important than ever.

Watch the full episode of Mom2Mom with Rachel Macy Stafford here.

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