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Caught on Cam: Truck Charges Protesters

The driver of a large truck was stopped and detained by police after accelerating twice past a group of counter-protesters in Vancouver, Washington, Sunday afternoon.

The driver was not charged with a crime and has been released, Vancouver police said.

The incident occurred following a rally by members of the conservative group Patriot Prayer. Counter-protesters followed the group to the rally along the waterfront in Vancouver.

After the rally ended, Vancouver police had the members of Patriot Prayer leave eight at a time while shielding them from counter-protesters.

Counter-protesters started following the Patriot Prayer demonstrators through Vancouver. At some point, someone in a large black truck drove aggressively near where counter-protesters had gathered. The truck was almost immediately stopped by police.

Witnesses say the driver went around the block to confront the group of protesters again before police detained him.

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